Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Corridor of Carnage

The name was given to the place during an after action report by Lieutenant Grampaz of 137 Eastern Cohort;

"We came upon the place much by accident. The roads and buildings were a wreck, I remember visiting the place before the war and in it now I could see no semblance of the place it had been. I removed my goggles to get a better look as I raised myself higher from the cupola of my command Chimera. The street was awash in debris, and columns of smoke drifted high in the distance; the fighting around the bastion had to be fierce as we could hear the occasional thump of larger munitions detonating. I ordered Gregor's squad forward to scout the nearest buildings, one of his boys held up the thing we were missing, 'VORSKU' the street sign was riddled with holes but I could clearly make it out. The path ahead was narrow, partially obstructed, and above all more ominous than anything I had encountered in my service to Jornath and the Emperor. I would not have ordered the column to advance if I had known we would be entering a corridor of carnage."

Units operating around the outskirts of Bolasku and even further afield in the Eastern Reaches would know of the Corridor of Carnage, they would speak of it with a mix of dread and awe. Those who ran it as part of the supply and relief columns and lived to tell the tale were treated as minor celebrities by the fighting men of the Jornath Cohorts. It's no surprise that as the Orks gained the upper hand in the fighting in Bolasku that supply convoy duties fell to more elite and well supplied units, some even being undertaken by units of the Adeptus Astartes. 

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