Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Furori Alati

Vorodivio squeezed the trigger of his storm bolter, a hail of explosive rounds tore the onrushing orks to shreds. The weapon's machine spirit loosed its rage upon the foul xenos as its autoloader whirred in frustration. An ork rushed the captain from the left, the greenskin bashed his his fists against Vorodivio's Terminator armor and was rewarded by being crushed with the Captain's gore caked power fist. Vorodivio walked backwards blasting at any orks that broke cover. The mission had not gone as planned and now he and the rest of his force was at risk of being caught between the tide of orks and the tides of the Jornath Sea. "All brothers, fall back on my position." The captain scanned around and spotted Venerable Brother Morbosus standing on a small rise, his multi-melta shimmering with built up heat and his missile launcher still smoking from its last discharge.

Vorodivio had lost contact with Squad Caligo and only Sergeant Dorgas and Brother Varinas still accompanied the Captain, the rest of the Dorgas' Sqaud had fallen under the unexpected charge of orks. "Brothers, we must rally on Morbosus." The trio redoubled their efforts as they ran towards the towering form of the Dreadnought. As they neared the base of the higher ground Morbosus was swallowed up by a fiery explosion, the contrails of several more rockets curled off missing the Dreadnought. As the smoke cleared the venerable Brother was still standing.

Captain Vorodivio and the others circled around the base of Venerable Brother Morbosus, "We make our stand here Brothers, there is no more room to fall back and these damned orks intend to see us destroyed. Let's show them the error of their plan." Vorodivio could hear Sergeant Dorga's dry laughter through the vox, "Aye Captain, the greenskins have never been known for their 'planning'" The Captain nodded to Dorgas, it was times like this that the Mortifactors comfort with death was a great strength.

The orks were gathering behind the derelict form of a beached ship, their chanting and the occasional excited weapons discharge filled the battle space. The cry went up from the ork lines and gathered mob surged forward, a hail of inaccurate fire accompanied the xenos. Bullets pattered off the Mortifactors' armor, the Marines returned precise burts that chewed into charging mob. Vorodivio knew it wouldn't be enough but a grim smirk split his features with each alien he slew.

Lances of crimson light sliced down into the horde moments before several large fireballs blossomed in the mass of orks. The explosions scattered pieces of the xenos in every direction and the charge was broken. Vorodivio gave thanks to the Emperor, "Brother Caldus, it's good of you to join us." The Stormraven Acheros screamed over the battlefield, its lascannons punching holes into the ork strongpoint as it circled back to land behind the survivors of the strikeforce. "My apologies Captain, there were unexpected delays. Orks are surprisingly good pilots even if their machines are ramshackle abominations."

Sand billowed out from the landing Stormraven, the dust obscuring the Space Marines as they boarded the strikecraft. Morbosus strode silently to the locking clamps of the Stormraven as the others hurried up the assault ramp, Captain Vorodivio was the last to embark, he spared a glance at the carnage of the battle. The orks still controlled the dockside workshops of Bolasku but they had bought the Imperial defenders of Nizajan Island some time to further fortify.

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